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Common Questions To Ask Yourself:

As I visualize my future, what does retirement look like and will I be able to achieve my vision with my current finanical plan? 

Have I considered the impact of retirement goals while planning for additonal goals such as college savings?

How confident do I feel that my current finanical plan is best suited for your financial goals? 


Let's work together to discover what service best compliments your situation: 


Because we work with LPL Financial, we are fully independent and offer a wide range of products and services. We do not have a quota to meet, which means we can maintain an objective focus in helping you pursue your financial goals. Our goal is to truly understand  and discover what it is you are trying to accomplish so that we may help you best get there. 

Our services are described below: 


Counseling Based Relationship – Comprehensive Flat Fee Financial Planning

With this relationship, I provide financial planning and advice that leads to recommendations. This involves a detailed, personalized written analysis and presentation of your current financial situation and alternatives, as well as personalized recommendations applicable to your individual situation. I update the analysis in order to keep on track. This update is only done as needed, and there would be another fee when I do a formal update. We would typically update every few years.

Flat Fee Pricing, Based on Case Complexity.

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Transaction Based Relationship

While we encourage a full financial planning experience in order to ensure suitable investment recommendations, we do offer a Transaction Based Relationship.  If you know exactly what you need and do not require an analysis, I can help you purchase the financial products you ask for. In this capacity, I function similarly to a broker. 


Hourly Consulting Based Relationship

Hourly Consulting topics can include, but are not limited to, tax planning, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow/ budget planning, personal financial planning, business planning, education planning, asset allocation, and other financial planning services. We are compensated for our time on financial advice that addresses a specific situation, set of circumstances, or special need.


Hourly Billing Based

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