Building Your H.O.M.E.


In helping you build your financial future, we will work together through two phases: the Discovery and Information Gathering phases. In order to build the H.O.M.E. of your dreams, let us start with a solid set of blueprints. The start of the financial planning process begins with identifying and prioritizing your most important goals and objectives. 





Discovery Phase:

  • Understand goals, dreams, and concerns.
  • Explain how we work as financial advisors.
  • Examine key areas of financial planning and how it fits into your financial situation.
  • Gather data about financial situation feelings towards your goals.

Information Gathering Phase:

  • Collect data on current financial situation, such as family situation, current financial position, investment goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and cash flow needs.
  • Evaluate current assets
  • Discuss concerns and potential strategies.