Counseling Based Relationship – Comprehensive Flat Fee Financial Planning


With this relationship, I provide financial planning and advice that leads to recommendations. This involves a detailed, personalized written analysis and presentation of your current financial situation and alternatives, as well as personalized recommendations applicable to your individual situation. I update the analysis in order to keep on track. This update is only done as needed, and there would be another fee when I do a formal update. We would typically update every few years.

Flat Fee Pricing, Based on Case Complexity.

The review and analysis covers the Six Key Areas of Financial Planning and personalized based on your goals and experiences:

  • Cash Flow Management: Goal Setting and examining your current financial situation, including net worth (income and expenditures), detailed assets, and liabilities listing.
  • Risk Management: Unexpected events and life changes can impact your dreams. Planning for these unforeseen possibilities such as life, disability, and long-term care needs, and evaluating what effect it may have on overall plan. Confirm coverage is adequate, affordable, and appropriate given your needs, goals, and insurable risks.
  • Investment Planning: Evaluating investment risk tolerance, asset allocation and investment diversification to help you achieve your most important financial goals such as education planning, a new car, new home, etc.  We will analyze the most suitable investments to match your specific goals. Illustrations provide you with various additional or alternative strategies available based on your time horizon and risk tolerance.
  • Tax Planning Strategies: Using tax management strategies to help you save money to either use towards your most important financial goals or towards your monthly spendable cash flow.
  • Retirement Analysis: Projecting retirement expense needs based on a specific retirement date. Analyzing current assets designated toward retirement, estimated Social Security payments, and other funding sources, such as employer pension plans. We can run projections using various scenarios, based upon factors such as different retirement dates and/or location, additional savings, investment strategies, and risk tolerance.
  • Estate Planning: Analyzing goals and objectives for the distribution of your property. This includes an examination of your current net worth and the distribution of property based on your current estate plan. Projected estate taxes and related settlement costs based upon various assumptions will be considered. We explore alternatives for minimizing those settlement costs, such as titling assets, using trusts, lifetime gifting strategies, and charitable planning. Also included is an examination and comparison of funding sources to provide liquidity.


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